Sunday, May 03, 2009

Good days…..

I guess that if I ever get really good at photography I will look on these with a patronising smile. But as it stands these are a cut above what I have snapped for some time. For me at least, digital is great it’s not just that I can have several attempts at something (but not that many attempts) but that I compose with confidence and don't worry about the cost of a roll. These have been Photoshopped but not too much.

We were staying at Kai Iwi lakes with the rellies for a few days whilst touring Northland - the day before I had cycled all the way from the shore to Dargaville. Little bloke, my wife and I eschewed the lakes for a walk to the beach in the evening and were duly rewarded with a warm, spotless, empty beach. Something about the location and being properly on holiday really prompted a different state of mind.

On the way.....

Having a play

Going home

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