Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Strange times in Saudi…

If this recent article is to be believed then Saudi Arabia wants nuclear power. Vladimir Putin has agreed to help the Saudis out. I think it’s a great idea not burning fossil fuels in power stations….well done Saudi. But wait a minute this is Saudi Arabia, a desert country, a country that is a desert because it is dry, sunny and it doesn’t rain more than 4-5 inches a year. It also is a country with a lot of space I mean a lot of space. This is the sort of country where state of the art solar power makes sense; so why bother with Nuclear Power unless you want something else. Well of course Saudi wants something else. Putin wants business and somewhere to sell guns like everyone else. We should however note at the same time that it was Russia who helped build some troublesome Nuclear Power plants in ermmmmmmm Iran.

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