Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bikes, Cars and Phones

Sorry if by chance you have missed me. The truth is that she who must be obeyed and a number of valued friends managed to talk me into getting some sleep. This inevitably meant that my sporadic blogging has been reduced to less acceptable levels. Nonetheless I will persist if not prevail.

First business of the day: Further to my comments about dickheads on bikes vs. motormania I bore witness to some pretty shoddy cycling. This gave me a little sympathy for the much maligned driving community. I’ve decided that these people have to be drivers who have lost their licenses and think that the road still belongs to them, even though they are astride a pushbike. To these people I say, please don’t call yourselves cyclists (cyclists are nice people) and of course good luck I hope the next collision isn’t too injurious.

What sympathy and love I had for other motorists pretty much evaporated this afternoon though. Picture me driving round (yes I do use a car from time to time) the foul femme who pulled on to the roundabout whilst I was borrowing her piece of highway. Enhance the picture to see the mobile in her hand and while you’re at it hear one of the rare instances when irate me leans on the horn in order to interrupt the conversation going on with the mobile. I wouldn’t mind but the foul femme took this as a cue to abuse me rather than apologise. Having done some scientific research in the area I am quite aware of how dangerous driving and talking on a mobile can be, this incident proves the point. I suppose I should thank fate though for the gem that apparently followed. Whilst on the highway foul femme was still talking on the phone and decided to pass on my left, she paused to hurl a bit of abuse at my wife and I. What she couldn’t manage in time was to see the slowing of the car in front of her (I didn’t see this bit and the next bit, but my wife did). When eventually foul femme did look round her face apparently was a picture, she finally drops the phone, jams on the brakes and gives the guy behind her a near heart attack. I doubt she will have learned anything of use from this experience and it’s probably all my fault according to her. She is however the cause of my wife very nearly wetting herself with laughter. I wish I could have seen that face………

Before I forget do visit Graham Reid's Music from Elsewhere it is worth the click,,,,

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